FAQ – Answers to How We Buy Houses for Cash

It’s completely normal and expected for you to have questions about working with a professional home buyer because even though we buy houses for cash, we’re aware that this way of selling isn’t the norm. Below are a handful of the more common questions we tend to get from the homeowners we work with each day. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to give us a call at (412) 254-6188, and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

Answers to how we buy houses for cash

Q:  Do you really pay fair prices for houses?
A:  As I’m sure you’re already aware, the majority of houses we buy are purchased at below market value, meaning we buy at a discount. Because we’re investors, we typically fix up the property to resell to another homeowner or find a tenant to rent it out, so buying at a discount allows us to make room for a profit on the other side.

That being said, we aren’t unfair in our offers and will always present homeowners with the highest cash offer possible. In our experience, however, the sellers we work with aren’t expecting top dollar for their house because their primary concern is to sell as fast as possible with as little headache and no cost to them. We buy houses for cash and offer a no obligation service that doesn’t require you to pay for anything!

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Q:  How do you come up with the price you can offer me for my house?
A:  This is probably our most common question, and for good reason! Our process is fairly simple. We start with looking at homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold. From there, we’ll take into account the repairs needed as well as the property’s current condition. After we have these important pieces of information, we can present you with an all cash offer!

But even though the number we present to you is what will work for us, we’ve found that it doesn’t always work for the seller. That’s why we buy houses for cash AND offer alternative buying options that allow us to offer you an even higher price! Most professional home buyers can only offer cash, so our available alternatives are something we take great pride in because it means we can help more people like you.

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
A: We love this question :). There are absolutely NO FEES involved when you work with us! This is perhaps the biggest difference between selling to us and through the traditional route with a realtor. When you sell through a realtor, you’ll pay their commission (3-6% of the purchase price) plus half of all closing costs. All in all, you’ll usually be paying more than 10% of the purchase price in fees alone!

Because we buy houses for cash and pay all the fees, you get the peace of mind knowing that the amount we agree to is the amount that will be on your check at closing. It’s that simple!

Q: Will I be obligated to work with you if I submit my info to get a cash offer?
A: You are under NO OBLIGATION to work with us if you submit your info and have us present you with a cash offer. When you submit your property info to us, we’ll take a look at everything we need to present you with an offer, and if needed, we’ll schedule a time to come see the house to get a more accurate number for expected renovations. Once we have what we need, we’ll present you with a cash offer or suggest an alternative option if cash isn’t going to be in your best interest.

Even though it’s exciting when we buy houses for cash, sometimes it just makes more sense for the seller to receive a larger payment over a longer course of time, and our team is able to walk through what those options look like. If we can’t reach a mutually beneficial agreement, you won’t be obligated to sell to us in any way. But you’ll be able to walk away at least knowing what options are on the table so you can make the best decision moving forward.

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